Event Marketing: Connecting with Consumers

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As advertisers, we are always looking for the best way to engage with consumers and create a memorable impression. And with all the advertising noise these days it’s important to find a way to target specific individuals or groups, grab their attention and leave a resonating impression. Through event marketing you can do just that by providing a memorable experience, connecting with the customer on a personal level and creating brand equity.

An effective event marketing strategy should be focused around the customer experience and brand interaction, and the specific event held should aim to build and strengthen the consumer/brand relationship.

What types of events can be held? These can range anywhere from product launches and trade shows, to charity events and food festivals depending on your business and brand.

One large-scale example is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that occurs every Thanksgiving Day in the States. Originally this was an event created by the Macy’s Department store employees and has now become one of the most well known and popular brand events in America with Macy’s Department store forever being top of mind for consumers during the holiday shopping period.

A local example is Prahran Market who recently deployed an event marketing strategy by holding various small foodie festivals over the year within the Market to help promote their brand to the local community. These have ranged from truffle to lamb to cheese and since Melbourne loves a good festival, no matter the shape or size, they have had fantastic success with the events attracting hundreds of new customers. The festivals have increased foot traffic, promoted repeat customers and have left a memorable impression that has resonated with the consumer.

So, whether it is a local, national or even global event, this type of marketing strategy helps cut through the advertising noise, creates significant customer engagement and develops a strong consumer/brand relationship.

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