Unveiling “Everyday Uh-Ohs”: The Faith Agency’s Creative Triumph for Britex’s Everyday Range

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In the world of household cleaning, mundane tasks can often be overlooked. However, we’ve taken a fresh approach with the latest venture for Britex: “Everyday Uh-Ohs”. For their Everyday range of cleaning products, these products, conveniently available at Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, IGA, and various local supermarkets, now have a campaign that resonates with the everyday challenges of cleaning.

The Concept: “For Everyday Uh-Ohs”

We breathed new life into the cleaning experience by simplifying it down to individual moments that demand simple fixes. The creative concept revolves around addressing everyday cleaning challenges – be it spots and stains, messes on tile and grout, or even unpleasant odours. “For Everyday Uh-Ohs” captures the essence of tackling these common issues with Britex’s highly effective everyday cleaning products.

To bring this concept to life, we collaborated with the talented photographer Greg Elms. The team orchestrated a comprehensive photoshoot featuring an entire family navigating various cleaning scenarios (even enlisting the help of their 12-week old puppy, Reuben. The diverse setups captured during the shoot provide a wealth of content variety, ensuring the campaign remains relevant and engaging for years to come.

Content Variety for Future Leverage

The decision to shoot a range of setups not only showcased the versatility of Britex’s Everyday range but also provided a strategic advantage. The abundance of content now allows us to tailor their Britex’s future marketing efforts, ensuring the campaign remains dynamic and adaptable over time.

It was fantastic to work on a project of this nature (as always), highlighting the pleasure in creating content that resonates with the everyday consumer. By focusing on relatable moments, they aim to make the cleaning experience more accessible and enjoyable for households across Australia.

What’s Next?

As a teaser for what’s to come, the next evolution of the “Everyday Uh-Ohs” campaign will feature none other than Instagram sensation Chantel Mila, widely known as @Mama_Mila_AU. This collaboration promises to add an exciting twist to the campaign, leveraging Chantel Mila’s influence to further connect with a broader audience.

With “Everyday Uh-Ohs,” we’ve has not only elevated Britex’s Everyday range but has also created a campaign that speaks directly to the heart of everyday cleaning challenges. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this innovative campaign, as Faith and Britex collectively continue to redefine the narrative of household cleaning. Job done right. Job done Britex.

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