Bunnings catalogues are no more.

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Whilst not unexpected the decision by Bunnings to axe catalogues in favour of a digital format continues the rapid migration of advertising literature away from the mailbox. The days of crowded letterboxes as you come home from work are gone. Let’s face it, it’s becoming more costly and customers are more attuned to their needs through digital means. The rising cost of paper, disruptive supply chains and the inevitable process to create and distribute catalogues will see marketers relook at their internal advertising needs and the way they do things. Ad Agencies generally have adapted with the migration of catalogue production away from their service base. An increasing trend on Linked In has been for clients to recruit more internal digital people, but at a time when ‘cost to serve ‘should be a focus for marketing leaders I am surprised so many marketers are opting to hire more people.

Inflation, rising power costs, and interest rates will put enormous pressure on marketers.   I declare my self-interest, but I do not understand why clients are not looking at their needs and how they can increase collaboration with agency partners to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Agencies more than ever have a traditional wholesaler philosophy providing services both creative, intellectual, and digital. Having survived and adapted to a new digital world, they are becoming masters of managing projects and using resources both domestically and internationally to deliver for their clients.  It’s seems a great pity that there is not more conversation on how agencies and clients can work more closely together to overcome these new economic pressures.


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