Britex | Everyday Uh-Ohs With Chantel Mila

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Having worked with Britex for over a year, initially pushing a new creative concept for their 3in1 Deep Cleaning Machine hire product, we were then tasked with a new challenge: promoting their range of in-home cleaning products available from supermarkets and other retailers.

The range, initially labelled the “Specialty Range”, combined a slew of products including sprays and wipes for simple stains, grout and tile cleaners, urine removers and even air fresheners. The first priority was to simplify the name of the range for the end consumer benefit. Hence, the “Everyday Range” was born. Very much identifying the usage of these products for consumers (that being, for everyday spills and stains), the range had new packaging developed by Britex and reinforced stocking throughout retailers.

We initially launched the campaign utilising a tagline, “For Everyday Uh-Ohs”, having a little bit of fun at life’s silly messes. This utilised a quickly edited video combining existing assets and new stock imagery to present each spill in a humour approach with a simple solution.

While this performed well, the brand wanted to ramp up their activity, both in terms of media buy but also in terms of impact. They turned to Instagram influencer, Chantel Mila (aka @mama_mila_au) to act as an ambassador for the products. Due to Chantel’s existing arrangements with Bunnings, this was seen as a good partnership for Britex, one that could be leveraged through a series of posts created by Chantel as well as a photoshoot and campaign creative suite that was driven by Faith.

While the campaign has only been live for a few months, the results have been terrific with engagement delivered by our campaign scoring Britex huge sales results and positive feedback from key stakeholders internally and externally. We’ll bring the campaign back in April with continued posting from Chantel in the meantime.

We look forward to extended the collaboration between Britex and Chantel Mila well into the future!

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