What makes an advertising agency good at B2B marketing?

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This was the question that came up in a recent conversation with a senior marketing executive who has spent most of his career in the B2B space. We both agreed that, while there was a lot of similarities when comparing B2C and B2B, there were some important distinctions also.

Key Characteristics

But before getting into the differences, and having spoken to other experienced B2B marketers, I’ve summarised the key characteristics that I would consider essential for an advertising agency to be successful in the B2B space.

A thirst to understand

The agency must be prepared to develop a strong knowledge base of the B2B market they work in, including target audience, industry trends, and buyer behaviour, along with possessing familiarity with complex sales cycles, regulations, challenges, and opportunities.

Can create well considered, focused strategies

Comprehensive B2B marketing plans that are aligned to client goals with realistic propositions targeting desired behavioural responses are a key requirement of a good B2B advertising agency.

Makes what is complex creatively clear and compelling

B2B marketing can present many complex challenges. The only way that a good agency can thrive is with focused creative solutions while developing unique value propositions and messaging for B2B decision-makers.

Has strength in content marketing

Strong content creation skills for educating and engaging B2B buyers is crucial when looking to develop industry leading positions.

Executes multi-channel campaigns

Just because you’re speaking to other businesses doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t deploy integrated multi-channel campaigns aligning with B2B buyer journeys, using eDMs, social media, content marketing, sales presentations, digital advertising and events.

Is insightful and data-driven

Utilising data and analytics for B2B customer insights is a critical element for success, allowing for potential implementation of marketing automation for streamlined campaigns and lead nurturing.

Is committed to measurable results

Working closely with key decisions makers to identify and deliver measurable ROI for B2B marketing efforts is so vital to success.

Experienced in high value key account marketing

Demonstrating the capability and expertise in key account strategies targeting high-value accounts delivers success time and time again.

Prepared to listen, learn and collaborate

Collaborating closely with clients ensures clear communication and understanding of unique aspects of their B2B business.

What It Takes

In essence, a successful advertising agency in B2B marketing combines industry knowledge, strategic thinking, data-driven insights, and creativity to deliver effective and measurable campaigns that resonate with the target B2B audience.

And while there are many ‘capability overlaps’ when contrasting B2C and B2B marketing, there are distinguishing aspects that really make a difference to an agency being a highly effective B2B partner.

Genuine Desire

First and foremost, there has to be a genuine desire and passion to understand the market and business situation and, in many cases, a rich and insightful history. It doesn’t happen overnight, as a lot of B2B markets can be quite complex and multilayered, so you have to be prepared to do the hard yards. Its amazing the difference this can make.

Clear Thinking

The second is being able to turn the complex into something that is simple but compelling. That doesn’t mean developing creative that dumbs down the value proposition. It’s all about connecting with the decision maker in an engaging and relevant manner that motivates the purchase journey.

Strong Team

Thirdly, the agency team is crucial. Having a background and knowledge on how business to business marketing works is a real advantage. At The Faith Agency, we have been fortunate over the past 20 years to work across many industries and gleaned valuable, transportable insights that have proven and beneficial impact. We’re also fortunate to have executives within our team who have worked in B2B marketing businesses and therefore recognise the need to deliver strong results within demanding timeframes with budgets that are always under pressure!


At The Faith Agency, we believe a successful B2B advertising agency is a unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic prowess, data-driven insights, and creative innovation. It’s about embracing a genuine passion to unravel the complexities of B2B dynamics and turning intricate challenges into simple, compelling solutions that deliver measurable results.

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