Exquisine | Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation

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Exquisine | Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Beginning in July 2023, we commenced work with famed Australian dessert manufacturer, Exquisine. Well, we say famed, but really, they may seem like a total mystery to most FMCG customers. That’s because they aren’t B2C; they are a B2B dessert manufacturer, and their gorgeous creations are white labelled for sale by some of the country’s largest retailers, from supermarket home brands, fast-food restaurants and even just your local corner shop café.

The initial brief from Exquisine was to help kickstart their content marketing strategy. While the brand doesn’t maintain an Instagram or Facebook profile, they aim to be quite active across LinkedIn (logical for a B2B business with such a narrow appeal).  Previously, they had worked with other agencies to help develop this content. However, the outputs were sporadic at best, and Exquisine felt that it could be done better, with greater consistency and measurement.

The Faith Agency immediately set out to implement a plan of attack wherein we would propose 6-months’ worth of content in one go (basically, 12 ideas for articles), get approval for that, and then develop all 12 articles over the course of a month, before sending them all through for final review and approval, alongside LinkedIn post copy and imagery to be used. Once approved, we would then work through scheduling the articles and posts across Exquisine’s website and LinkedIn platform, while also keeping a close eye on any incoming communications from interested parties that could be forwarded onto the client for further investigation.

The content is developed using a combined approach of copywriting nous and AI-generated ideation that helps to flesh out concepts and give our team greater efficiencies in developing this much content in such a short time. At around 500 words a pop by 12 articles in the span of 1 month, you can understand the need for such efficiencies!

This process has proven to be quite effective, minimising the amount of time that the client needs to spend reviewing work while still allowing us to meet the content requirements that they have set. There is still an opportunity for us to communicate on a regular basis as well, with monthly eDMs being developed in-house by our team of designers aimed at communicating with their database about the latest news and updates from Exquisine.

Our engagement with Exquisine has since expanded to cover more content and more social media posting, as well as increasing maintenance projects on their website, including updating sign up forms and smaller website design adjustments. We’re pleased to see that our work is having a positive impact on the number of leads they are receiving and are interested to see where things go from here! Contact us today to learn about how we can help implement a content marketing strategy for your business!

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