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In 2020, Faith began working with Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers to implement an integrated digital media advertising campaign designed to drive increased enquiries and position RCT as the preferred brand for legal services. As Melbourne’s largest legal network across 14 locations in the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria, and having completed over 70,000 successful compensation cases, we were excited by the opportunity.

The critical objective established for this media strategy was to drive contact and engagement via the website or phone. With RCT focusing on 4 key service areas within a specific geographic region of Melbourne the media strategy recommended included a Google Ads campaign combined with a programmatic digital campaign. With our combined suite of media research tools, we quickly identified where RCT’s clients were most likely to be engaging in similar activities and adjusted our plans accordingly.

The Google Ads campaign was implemented to capture the high intent users who were actively searching for legal representation or advice. Driving leads from an audience with high purchase intent was key to the strategy. Google Ads and PPC advertising in general is an integral part of any true digital media strategy, providing high visibility for select keywords identified by our team.

In addition to Paid Search, the strategy included a programmatic digital campaign that allowed RCT to reach potential clients at more engagement points across the customer journey. Through utilising social media, digital display & video advertising platforms, we were able to drive increased awareness to a huge new audience that paid search alone can’t reach. The inclusion of these digital channels resulted in a truly integrated, lead-driven digital strategy.

Incorporating both Audience Targeting and Performance-based strategies, campaign tactics included audience and demographic targeting (reaching users who are similar to our desired customers) contextual and location targeting (reaching users at a certain point in time or place when it may suit them) as well as behavioral targeting (focused on matching users who interact with the digital space in similar ways to our customers) including lookalike audiences and retargeting strategies.

One of the key benefits of utilising a programmatic approach to these digital campaigns was the ability to optimise the campaign according to results. Providing the flexibility to adapt the campaign tactics and budgets, in real-time, towards the strategies and platforms that were delivering the highest leads at the lowest cost was a key driver in using programmatic platforms. Programmatic really is a crucial aspect of any modern digital advertising strategy, combining resources that would previously be siloed off between different channels and effectively managing those funds depending on which campaigns were performing best.

A key result from the integrated digital strategy has been a significant increase in the number of leads to RCT, which has been accompanied by a 50% reduction in the cost per acquisition from October 2020 – October 2021. We’re incredibly please with the result and look forward to continuing our work with Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers in the future. If you’re interested about our media services and would like to talk, let’s chat!

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