Ecobatt’s Battery Collection Service.

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Ecobatt’s Battery Collection Service has almost 5,000 collection bins nationally, with Australia’s leading retailers. Its important that you let people know how their batteries are collected and safely transported for reprocessing.  Ecobatt, part of the Ecocycle group of companies, is leading the way in ensuring Australia reduces the amount of batteries going into landfill.   A three minute content video was produced by Faith to explain how Ecobatt’s distribution drivers play a key role in making sure batteries are safely transported from retailer to the sorting plant.  The protocols and ways in which Ecobatt has made these collection bins as safe as possible are explained in an easy to understand and conversational way.  With highly sophisticated sensors the temperature of the batteries are monitored together with the custom made software which allows stock levels to be monitored for efficient management and collection, together with effective scheduling of pickups.

The company is working closely with the Battery Stewardship Council to ensure button cell and lithium batteries are recycled for processing rather than ending up in landfill.   Sadly, Mercury and silver-based button cell batteries that are dumped in landfills, or incinerated, will leak mercury toxins into water supplies and food chains.  They should be recycled and not put in with normal rubbish.

Ecobatt has invested heavily in technology and through its website and communication programs it is ensuring that we  look to achieve world best practice with our battery recycling, which currently is less than a third of what has been achieved in Europe.

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