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No Lies: How many emails are sitting unopened in your inbox right now?

Even if you live a very clean digital life, the better question might be how many emails have you deleted today? Email marketing is a huge part of the overall communications mix in 2024, and rightfully so: if done right, users are voluntarily subscribing to your mailing list with a view to receiving your marketing communications. No forcing the message on them via traditional advertising: they are choosing this! That’s pretty cool.

But the trick is to keep them connected and engaged with your brand. The last thing you want is for your email communication to be sitting in your customers’ inboxes with the dreaded red dot of ‘unread’.

Faith has always understood the vital role and importance of eDM advertising. From the very early days of HTML coded design to WYSIWYG builders and increasingly with dynamic segmentation based on engagement and communication automation, Faith has continued to be at the forefront of what is expected from eDM advertising.

eDM advertising is a careful symbiosis of client needs, creative execution and digital implementation, all balanced carefully by an account manager. Ben Crocker, Account Director at Faith, says, “The first step always is to understand what a client is looking for. But crucially, understanding the latest trends and opportunities and then applying those considerations to the client’s requirements is the most important part of all of this. Of course, creating a compelling design based on all of this plus alignment with the brand’s current creative approach, and then building it out through the best digital platform for the campaign… you can see how complicated the process can get.”

Across the journey, Faith has helped a number of our clients realise their eDM campaigns, including Adriatic Furniture, MaxiTRANS (and their related product brands) and Britex as well. The planning, execution and post-campaign analysis of these large-scale eDM campaigns is all managed by our team internally and has delivered some terrific results, posting higher-than-average open rates, impressive click throughs and low unsubscribe rates to boot!

If you think your business could benefit from some better eDM advertising, talk to one of our team today to learn how we can help.

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