Devondale Naturally Refreshes Any Occasion

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In August 2021, Devondale launched brand-new packaging for their Sparkling Apple Juice product. Faith was briefed to create a launch campaign for the product and the brand as a whole.

For over 50 years, Devondale Beverages have been a part of the Australian household, with a long brand heritage of delivering fresh sparkling apple juice to the masses. But the last few decades have been difficult for the brand to maintain their foothold in an increasingly diverse marketplace. Incorporated into the Sabrands family in 2018, they now find themselves alongside other Australian icons including Sunraysia, Rosella and CLR.

For the launch campaign, the brief was about highlighting the new product packaging, but also to encourage increased consumption of the product in a variety of settings. The bottle had been redesigned from the older, more traditional ‘stubby’ bottle shape to something a little more sleek, reminiscent of European sparkling water bottles. The label as well had been updated to reflect the higher-end, more premium aspect of the bottle design.

Putting our heads together, we considered how the product should be positioned to our wider audience. Ultimately, we stumbled upon the realisation that for many of us, Devondale Sparkling Apple Juice really had been a part of our lives for a long time, and in many instances had been brought out at almost every occasion. Thus, the idea was born:

Naturally refreshes any occasion.

The brilliance of the line is that each word works hard to promote the product and the brand. “Occasion” isn’t just an event or a regular evening, it’s something more than that; it’s something special. When combined with the word “any”, suddenly the idea that we’re talking about “any occasion”, regardless of if it is fancy or relaxed, opens endless possibilities. “Refreshes” speaks to changing up what makes these occasions special; sure, you might usually go to sparkling water or alcohol, but for something a little different, a little special, maybe consider Devondale Sparkling Apple Juice. And of course, “Naturally” refers to the high-quality formulation of the product, with nothing but apples making up its delicious taste.

This positioning line really set us on a pathway to success. We developed a series of images for social media, a brand new TVC promoting the concept, and a dynamic and inspiring website design, something that we’re incredibly proud of. All the imagery used in our campaign highlights the variety of different occasions where you might want to bring out the new Devondale bottle. While it’s too early to gauge the success of the campaign, we’re quite pleased with how everything has come together.

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