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Developing campaign material for clients such as Adriatic is an ongoing process. With a promotional calendar stretching well out into the future, there needs to be a disciplined, ordered approach to the development of concepts, execution and, of course, delivery. In April 2024, Adriatic Furniture ran a Motion Recliner Sale, aiming to highlight the latest recliner lounge sets that the brand had in stock. This type of lounge is increasingly more affordable for consumers (and increasingly expected), with innovations in the technology included making them far more advanced than what many people might remember from recliners even 10 years ago. As such, it has been an area of focus for the brand over the past few months.

The first step in rolling out any campaign is the development of a promotion lock-up: something that is identifiable as Adriatic, but distinct enough to stand on its own. When you run multiple promotions over a period, there is always a concern that consumers may start to tune out the creative.  We work diligently to keep on file previous executions to avoid too similar an execution and often plan out months in advance to ensure there are no stark variations between promotions.

Next, the roll out of assets requires the identification of key products to be promoted. We typically work with the brand to identify products that would appeal to our target audience while also being mindful of stock levels and pricing. These products are then mapped out across the assets that are developed, with each placement having different specifications and requirements. From simple executions like billboards (which are heavily reliant on the lock-up) to more complex options (such as social media reels or BVOD TVCs), we are constantly monitoring what works and what could be improved to ensure maximum impact within our campaign.

For these campaigns, we use an integrated approach to reach consumers at all touchpoints of their journey. For example, our eDM strategy has evolved greatly over the 12 months of working with the client, constantly refining our creative and scheduling based on performance to identify an approach that makes the most sense. A challenge of any retailer in 2024 is the balance between eCommerce and instore sales. Email marketing can drive eCommerce sales dramatically but also encourages instore activity. As a result, we’ve trialled referral codes and other sales activations that allow us to better track performance from this channel.

And of course, the post-campaign reporting is so vital. Maintaining a contextual awareness around why a promotion worked (or didn’t work, as the case maybe) is critical, but also just pulling apart the raw figures and identifying opportunities for future improvement is so vital. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved for the brand thus far and are keen to see how things will continue to improve into the future, particularly with EOFY, Black Friday and Boxing Day promotions coming up in the second half of the year.

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