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In May 2024, we launched the new website for regional law firm Stringer Clark. We’ve been working with Stringer Clark for a few years now and in more recent years have developed quite a close relationship with them and their sister firm, Ryan Carlisle Thomas. For Stringer Clark, our key project up to now had been the Dave TVC commercial developed last year to reintroduce the brand’s long-time animated spokesperson to the market after several years without any presence.

Towards the end of last year, we completed work on Ryan Carlisle Thomas’ new website, working closely with the firm to identify a new brand identity that would better distinguish themselves from Stringer Clark, with the two brands previously sharing a very similar colour palate and visual language.

Having completed that project, work turned to Stringer Clark, ensuring that the branding that had been developed for them previously was maintained and kept distinct from Stringer Clark, while also making sure that there were ‘echoes’ of the two brands between each other.

The website was built on the same site architecture as Ryan Carlisle Thomas’ build, but new imagery and copy was developed to better align with the country-based approach that Stringer Clark takes to market. As a key firm across Western Victoria, it was felt that we needed to represent these people in imagery used, and when combined with their tagline, “Truly Local Lawyers”, that we presented a very strong rural message.

The site is better integrated with the firm’s CRM platform of choice, Hubspot, allowing customers to contact them via built-in contact forms, which go direct to the lawyer intaking the new client. It is also optimised for SEO and SEM campaigns that will commence in the coming months.

The website went live without issue and has proven to be a hit with both staff and customers alike. We look forward to continuing our work with Stringer Clark to help bring this new website to life. If you are interested in working with The Faith Agency on your new website development project or content marketing strategies, contact us today to learn more!

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