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We’re excited to start working on social media strategy and content development for a long-time client of ours, Ecobatt. For the last ten years, Ecobatt has been one of Australia’s most innovative recycling companies, with thousands of battery recycling bins set up in local supermarkets, shopping centres and retail outlets across the country. Faith have proudly worked with the brand for a number of years, primarily in the digital development space, assisting with new websites, app development and the occasional video shoot or creative design project.

However, with a view to the future and helping the business grow, Faith was entrusted to help build out the brand’s social media following across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. While all three platforms present their own unique challenges, Faith are confident we can develop a strategy that maximises impact across each.

The main objectives of the campaign are to drive awareness and engagement within the platforms themselves. As so much of Ecobatt’s posting is aimed at educating consumers of the importance of battery recycling, increasing reach of the posts (while also streamlining the, at times, complicated nature of what is being discussed) is critically important.

We are also looking to drive traffic to the brand’s website. Custom-developed by Faith, the site includes functionality such as a drop-off point location section that can help identify the user’s nearest point. Increasing battery collection is an important business objective and something that social media can certainly help to drive. We’ve developed a mini-campaign aimed at encouraging users to share images and videos of themselves dropping off batteries at their location collection point, to help encourage others and show how easy it is to do!

We’ve only just commenced the program but have already seen positive reaction from the community, with follower growth building slowly but confidently. Working closely with the internal team at Ecobatt, we look forward to seeing their pages flourish and to see educational awareness of battery recycling continue to grow.

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