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Since 2021, The Faith Agency has been assisting local healthcare providers, Advance Therapy (and their parent company, United Healthcare Group), to develop their brand and position within a heavily crowded market place.

Our work first started with the development of key branding for the business. Under the United Healthcare Group banner, there are three sub-brands of which Advance Therapy is one. We were briefed to keep each brand design sympathetic to one another while also being distinct and unique. We developed a shield device, aimed to representing the protection and support offered by all the brands within the group, but set out different colourways as well as letters featured within to help distinguish each brand as it’s own identify. These logos could stand alone or together and still work in either scenario.



Our work with the brand also extended to street signage and printed collateral. Identifying key imagery was crucial for the exercise, reflecting the types of clients Advance Therapy treated and presenting them in a positive and active setting. Recognising their audience, artwork was light and bright, with printed collateral streamlining the service offering and brand vision in an easily-digestible format that could be disseminated quickly throughout the local area. We’ve even produced sports shirts for local community fundraising initiatives!



We’re thrilled with the work completed for Advance Therapy and United Healthcare Group up to now and look forward to seeing what exciting opportunities present themselves moving forward!

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