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Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers (RCT Law) and Faith are pleased to launch the firm’s new website. A culmination of six months of exhaustive work to present a new vision for what the long-standing law firm represents, the site is a major step forward. Faith assisted not just with the development of the website, but identified the new position and presentation, emphasising their caring reputation and cohesive mission in putting the client first, while also maintaining a happy and dynamic workplace culture of close-knit lawyers.

After conducting thorough workshops with senior management and lawyers from all parts of the business, Faith trialled multiple positioning lines before Ryan Carlisle Thomas ultimately went with the tagline of ‘Caring. Committed. Courageous.’ Present through the website and forming a cornerstone of the brand’s positioning, this is a line that captures the full extent of their service offerings. It will be present throughout the firm’s advertising efforts moving forward, representing their core values in a streamlined and effective message.

RCT’s new website has been carefully curated, with detailed thought given to the copy present, iconography and imagery used, and the colours presented within the design. While the firm’s primary brand colours are quite stark (red, white, and dark grey), it was felt that a shift to including a pink and darker red represented the brand’s subtle evolution over the past several years. With over 90% of their workforce being female covering a range of services that can be, at times, quite confronting, the firm wanted to present a slightly softer touch in terms of their colourings. The additional benefit of this new colour was an overall enhancement to the user experience, providing greater contrast and improved visual appeal.

Faith is excited to be continuing to work with Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers in 2024, including new media campaigns and creative executions aimed at continuing to drive the brand onwards and upwards.

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