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Often advertising agencies look at a brief and the budget and forget that advertising is just part of the mix that makes up the potential answers to a marketing problem. At Faith we consider carefully the strategy of the client and as far as possible understand the dynamics of what has to be achieved to increase sales, market share or launch a product.

In the new digital world in which we live the communication ‘levers’ we have at our disposal are very different. They are accountable and often the ways in which consumers interact ‘online’ with brands is very different to ‘offline’. What hasn’t changed is an understanding of the ‘path to purchase’, and looking at how we best influence the process to ensure potential customers understand the rational and emotional connection our brands can have with them, in meeting their often-diverse needs.

Using experience, intuition, research, strategy and consumer insights, we seek the ‘truth’ about a product or service, and how best to apply that truth to achieve the best commercial result.

Our job is to solve marketing problems with smart creative thinking that delivers increased profits.

This attitude is best exemplified by our brand mascot, our Faith dog. We look to be your brand’s best friend. Someone you can turn to when things are tough, someone you trust, someone loyal, who understands you, doesn’t judge you and will put themselves on the line if circumstance permit.

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