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In February 2021, Faith completed more than 6 months of work on the brand-new Pancare website. The culmination of a joint project between Faith and Sydney-based website developers Alphasys resulted in a world-class repository of information and support for patients living with pancreatic, stomach, liver, oesophageal and biliary cancer and their families and supporters.

For over 10 years, Pancare has been the leading upper gastrointestinal charity in Australia, with Faith playing a vital role in supporting them, with one of our partners, David Trussler, on the board. With plans for a new website discussed as early as 2018, it was the acquisition of patient-support platform Pansupport that proved to be the tipping point for the new website.

Faith sought to develop a dynamic and engaging look and feel for the new website, borrowing critical design elements from other charity and not-for-profit websites, while still integrating the unique Pancare brand guidelines developed by Faith previously. Utilising their ‘bubble’ device, coupled with distinct colours for each of the cancers supported by Pancare, for the more informative side of the website, Faith also integrated the new Pansupport brand mark for the more supportive aspects of the site.

We also worked closely with Pancare to determine the new content hierarchy within the website, ensuring user flow was carefully managed throughout the site. Our team also assisted with search engine optimisation activities including keyword selection and on-page optimisation.

While Alphasys were in charge of building the site architecture on their custom CMS platform (housed within WordPress), Faith played a keen role in the interpretation of this platform, assisting in much of the content upload, ensuring each page matched the developed style previously. We also worked closely with each party to address UAT concerns, managing resolution of simple tasks ourselves while engaging with Alphasys to resolve larger concerns.

Overall, the new website consists of over 100 pages of critically useful content in a uniquely engaging and highly navigable design. And the immediate response has been nothing but positive. We look forward to continuing to work with Pancare on a variety of different branding, media and creative campaigns into the future, while see plenty of exciting opportunities from our time with Alphasys.

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