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We’re firm believers in eDMs and the ability for a brand to connect with consumers in channels that not only make sense to them, but that they opt into as well. The challenge for brands is to tailor the communications in such a way that doesn’t frustrate the user, but instead provides value and insight and a deeper sense of connection with the brand. They can also be a really great way to connect with potential customers and help them to make that initial connection with us as well.

Adriatic Furniture has relied on eDM activity for years as a tangible way to communicate their latest offers to their audience but have struggled to use it to nurture their database’s growth and engagement with the brand through the use of eDM automation: using pre-designed templates to send out to new and existing customers automatically based on behaviours displayed on site.

We identified that the automation flows that the brand had been using were a little out of date in terms of structure and visually no longer aligned with the way that they were presenting itself. As such, we set out to redesign the templates and refine the automation flows to better provide connection and impact.

The two main flows that they had set were a Welcome Flow and an Abandon Cart flow. Looking at the Welcome Flow first, aside from the obvious visual updates to the design of the eDMs, the previous version of the flow had been set up with an extended 5-step flow encouraging and enticing users to engage with the brand through a series of different messages. From a simple initial communication welcoming them, through to encouraging social media engagement, a look at the most popular products and more, it was a convoluted flow that ultimately slowed down users and was overbearing with far too many touchpoints too soon.

The new flow we developed simplified the communications to a simple 3-step process welcoming users with a 5% discount code, a simplified outline of our social accounts and a look at our most popular products, not based on sales but rather page views (understanding that while the business predominantly sells lounges, these aren’t typical online purchases due to the price point and stigma around not knowing the product more specifically).

The Abandon Cart flow was a similar set up, with revised graphics much more closely aligning with the new aesthetics of the brand (including 50 years celebration logo, recent lifestyle imagery and more nods to our Italian heritage), but the revision to the flow was more significant. The previous flow was set up to contact consumers too quickly, resulting in users often receiving multiple flows which is a big no-no, and far too many touch points, coming across as pushy and desperate. Instead, with simplified it to a two-step process reminding users that their product was still there, and that if they hadn’t made a purchase previously, we would offer them the same discount code. Otherwise, they would simply be reminded that the product was still available, and we’d move on.

The results of both these flows have been quite impressive, with the Welcome Flow generating a substantial amount of interest and purchase just based on the presentation of information (not to mention a healthy amount of social media growth as a result also). Abandon Cart appears to be working as expected, though there are still learnings to be made and adjustments available to us. We are also looking to include SMS communication as a part of the flows moving forwards, to give us greater connection with our audience, assuming they have provided their consent to receive messages via this channel.

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