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In November 2021, Japara Aged Care joined the Calvary Heath Care network, combining their 50 aged care homes and 5 retirement villages with Calvary’s numerous private and public hospitals and community care service centres.

For several years, Faith have been tightly connected with the Japara team, primarily assisting with various media planning activities, but we’ve also in the past managed social media channels as well as national campaigns for the business. With the merging with Calvary taking place, Faith is once again pleased to be working in the aged care and health space.

In addition to the ongoing media planning activities taking place, our first challenge was to assist with a range of recruitment campaigns being planned for late 2021-early 2022. Much the same as many other businesses across Australia, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Calvary’s workforce has been hard to avoid. However, a critical part of their business has always been the recruitment of new individuals to enter the health and aged care industry. Calvary’s Aged Care Traineeships are a fully supported offering based in Melbourne’s Southeast.

Faith was briefed to develop up a small campaign aimed at encouraging people to consider applying, specifically around highlighting information sessions across December 2021, that users could attend via Zoom. With a set style guide different from the previous Japara look-and-feel, we worked closely with the Calvary creative style to develop a suite of GIFs for digital display along with images for social media and website banners as well.

The media plan for this campaign was tightly geographically targeted to Melbourne’s southeast, near where the training would take place, with strategic expansion of targeting allowed where relevant. Thanks to our full programmatic digital display capabilities, the campaign was able to show certain creative in certain locations during certain times, all depending on what worked best. This ensured that our campaign was performing as efficiently as possible in order to maximise the reach as well as our conversion.

While it’s still early in the life of the campaign, we have received very positive feedback from Calvary with how everything came together along with early engagement with the creative and available information. We look forward to continuing our work with Calvary into 2022.

If your business is in need of staff, come talk to Faith today about how we can develop a full scale media plan with creative to match that can help bring new workers to your door.

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