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One of the growing parts of The Faith Agency’s social media management platform is Influencer Management. It’s undeniable now that brands need to partner with influencers across a variety of platforms in order to maximise the impact of their messaging. However, the ability to find the right influencers is critical.

Working with Britex on their recent forays into influencer marketing, we first started with talent identification. While everyone wants to work with huge influencers with many millions of followers, the reality is that budgets can only take us so far. The challenge then is to prioritise parties that would maximise “bang-for-buck”. The realm of micro influencers, or those with less than 100,000 followers, is rich with supremely talented creators that have identified a key niche that works extremely well for them. With Britex, we chose to work with one large influencer (Chantel Mila), several medium sized influencers and a rotating group of micro influencers.

The next step, having selected the influencers, is to brief them accordingly. A client like Britex has multiple products to promote across different audiences, and working within a six-month calendar, we were able to map out these priorities across time to ensure a good balance of coverage and reasonable spacing between posting (remember, we don’t want to inundate the influencers’ audiences with our content). Once this has been outlined, we communicate with the content creators accordingly. Some may have talent management, others may work without; however, the process remains the same. Communicating key selling points of the products to be worked with, along with critical information such as pages to tag, creative elements to avoid and timeframes help to clear up any confusion from the creators.

Having set this all out for the influencers, we give them a fairly open brief to produce the content that would work best for their page. While some brands do prefer a firmer grip on the outcomes, the reality is that we want the content to feel appropriate for what the creator is doing (you can always tell when they are forced to say something). The influencers outline their timeframes and then we simply wait. Getting the finished product back is always exciting, and very rarely will our clients ever have any issues (certainly not Britex). Once this is done, we finalise post copy with the influencer, set up post time and let it go out into the world.

After a week, we typically revert back to identify the performance of the individual post, looking at key metrics such as reach and engagement, but also work closely with Britex to understand if there has been any identifiable movement in terms of sales of the products being featured. Across the campaign of working with influencers up to this point (almost 9 months for Britex), we’ve seen significant improvements in key sales metrics and website visits, suggesting that the approach is working.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we approach social media management or paid social media marketing, reach out to us today to organise a chat!

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