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When it comes to content, the Faith team know the power it can have in providing real impetus to a brand’s marketing mix. Facebook has been the prime ingredient with social media networks, but more recently Instagram has become one of the fastest growing networks for brands to invest in as part of their marketing mix.

Faith has had a long association with the Lucky Nuts brand, and over the last two years has managed their Facebook strategy with positive results. Last year following a social media workshop it was decided that the brand would also focus activity on Instagram. Acknowledging the different role it should play to Facebook, the Faith team set about curating different content for Instagram that would stimulate and maximise engagement with Lucky Nuts.

Creating relevant Images and content on a monthly basis posed a challenge, but Faith using their in-house studio, and a mix of engaging props, all styled and sourced by our Art Director team, created an approach that meant 15-20 shots could be created each month that delivered highly visual, content rich photography that aligned directly with Lucky’s brand values.

The new strategy and content has performed extremely well on Lucky Nuts’ social media with followers and engagement both more than doubling in just a few months. The campaign has also worked favourably on Instagram against food bloggers and competitor brands. These results were mainly achieved by increasing the frequency of the posts and the quality of the images. An excellent example of how important content is on social media.

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