Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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There are many claims in the market in terms of improving a client’s ranking on Google, but one thing is certain that there are no quick fixes with SEO. ‘Faith’ have a number of staff that have been heavily involved with search engine optimisation, but it is such a dynamic area that you need to work with a specialist who understands commercial outcomes and who can make an ongoing and integrated contribution to a client’s business.

In December 2016 we signed a strategic partnership with digital specialist company ‘Pure SEO’ following a detailed review of the SEO market. We were concerned that many operators were long on rhetoric, but were short on performance and accountability. Pure SEO have a similar culture to us, with a service package that was very competitive and which allowed our clients to become involved with search engine optimisation and to understand what it can deliver their business.

Some of the services we are now able to provide are ongoing SEO audits, search engine optimisation, link cleansing, app store optimisation, you tube, and mobile optimisation. Our content production facilities from our custom built studio allow for effective presentation of video with green screen facilities and in house photography.

With Search Engine Marketing we provide an array of services including google adwords, email marketing, social media advertising, linked in advertising, content writing, facebook advertising and you tube advertising.

We also provide detailed analytics on each of our digital services to ensure that marketing investment is optimised and that learnings and insights are incorporated into future strategies.

Cost effectiveness is also a key advantage of our service model and we constantly strive to engineer our cost base to the ongoing advantage of our clients.