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In July 2022, Faith was appointed as creative agency for Australia’s leading duck retailer, Luv-a-Duck. For over 50 years, Luv-a-Duck have been growing the perfect duck for Australian tastes and have become the market leader.

Tasked with translating high-quality market research into tangible actions for consumers, we quickly were drawn to the idea that both of their key target demographics (Caucasian Australians and Chinese Australians) found duck difficult to cook with. As such, we wanted to reassure consumers (both familiar and not familiar with duck) that it was actually far easier than you think. Particularly with Luv-a-Duck.

We developed a holistic campaign hinging on this notion of duck being easier to prepare thanks to Luv-a-Duck, represented both by key visual assets (television commercials, digital ads and point-of-sale collateral) built around the contrast between a proud, knowledgeable chef and the everyday Australian family, as well as the new campaign tagline, “Delicious Duck. No Fuss”. Working with leading production house, Burninghouse, we shot the photography and videography simultaneously and developed four key videos with a range of chef, family and food photographs.

The campaign went live in late September 2022 to rapturous response from key stakeholder inside and outside of the business. Faith has been tasked with managing ongoing social media activity for Luv-a-Duck and look forward to working with them on future campaign activity as well.

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