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The Lucky Smart Snax range has been a popular mainstay of the dried fruit and nut aisle for several years, and in 2019 Lucky endeavoured to refresh and revitalise the product line with a selection of new blends and packaging designs

Lucky developed four new product SKUs: Lucky Smart Snax Mind & Body, Lucky Smart Snax Protein, Lucky Smart Snax Energy, Lucky Smart Snax Antioxidants.

Each of these SKUs features a different combination of nuts and produce, with each mix providing a tangible benefit, whether it is the inclusion of probiotics for gut health, increased protein intake or high levels of antioxidants from various nuts.

Lucky tasked Faith with developing key creative for the product range to be featured in the November issue of the Coles Fresh Magazine, along with additional elements including website updates and promotional material.

Faith originally focused on the revised nature of the product range and its packaging. Modern and fresh, utilising bold colours and simplified design, the packaging is designed to stand out in the cluttered dried fruit and nut aisle. Coupled with the existing brand equity of the Lucky Smart Snax range (available for purchase since 2014), we focused on a positioning statement of ‘a wholesome new level of snacking’.

However, it was determined that instead of focusing on the complete range, priority should be given to one individual SKU: Lucky Smart Snax Mind & Body. The hero of the new range, Lucky Smart Snax Mind & Body contains probiotic dark chocolate pieces, making it the first product in the dried fruit and nut aisle to contain probiotic cultures. This element coupled with the delicious combination of nuts and manuka honey pieces means that the mix really does benefit both mind and body.

Ultimately, our positioning was to focus on the ‘first to market’ perspective, tying in with a lovely image evoking yoga, harmony and nature. We developed a fantastic full-page ad (keep an eye out in November’s Coles Fresh Magazine), along with a horizontal version highlighting the full range featured on the Lucky home page as well as promotional postcards.

Given the launch’s proximity to the critical Christmas period for Lucky, we will work closely with the business to ensure the range is given full priority throughout October and supported during November and December (when Lucky’s messaging looks towards the busy baking season) before focusing back in for a support campaign in the new year.

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