Search Engine Marketing

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Paid Search is a direct and effective method of advertising on the internet. It helps connect your business with people who are searching for a service or a product online. It provides the searcher with specific information related to their quest. SEM involves paid placements of ads and the advertiser only ‘pays per click’. This activity can be analysed and immediate feedback can be provided. The Faith Agency will work closely with the client to ensure objectives are met and keywords are relevant to the target market. The SEM is set up by our key marketers to influence paid listings on key search engines such as Google (majority of Australian traffic), Yahoo! and Bing.

The Faith Agency has successfully increased the profile of many of our clients online and increased their overall web traffic and webpage experience. With effective paid search advertising the client’s visibility is increased on the search engine results page (SERPs). Faith clients have experienced first page paid listings within their categories. With our expertise, we monitor our client’s campaigns individual needs, relating ads to keywords and site landing pages. We can ensure that our clients spend their money in the most efficient way to achieve the best leads to their sites.

With a greater understanding of their businesses we have set up and managed campaigns for many clients such as Fiskars, Portfolio Property Management, WTC Wharf, Prahran Market, Abel Sports and Flagpoles, Aged Care Services Australia Group, Craig’s Hotel Ballarat, ALKO, Champion Thoroughbreds, The Wedding List Company and homyped.